Inushin Biography


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In March 2011, the 70th anniversary of the birth of a prominent scientist, organizer of science in the field of applied biophysics and photobiology, a well-known biologist, honored inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan, full member (academician) of the Laser Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, doctor of biological sciences, professor Viktor Inyushin, was celebrated.

Viktor Mikhailovich was born March 1, 1941 in the city of Leningrad in the family of a famous and large

hydro builder. In 1948-1958, he studied at the secondary school of Ust-Kamenogorsk and Serebryansk

East Kazakhstan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 1958 he entered the Faculty of Biology

Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov in the city of Alma-Ata, which was later

renamed the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi. After graduating from university for

great interest and diligence in studies and science of Viktor Mikhailovich is recommended and credited as

trainee researcher in the Department of Histology and Cytology, Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov. After the internship, he began to work as a teacher in the Department of Histology and Cytology, Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirova, and in subsequent years he worked as a senior teacher and associate professor of the same department.


In 1966, at a meeting of the specialized dissertation council of Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirova Viktor Mikhailovich successfully defended his thesis on "Monochromatic red light for the repair of radiation injuries in animals", and in 1972, at the age of 31, at a meeting of the joint dissertation council of the Lviv Veterinary Institute, Viktor Mikhailovich brilliantly defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Histophysiological study the effects of radiation from optical quantum generators and other light installations on the human and animal organisms. ”


After defending his dissertation, Viktor Mikhailovich with great energy and dedication began working on the organization of a new department of biophysics, and in 1973, on his own initiative and under his leadership, for the first time in the history of KazGU named after CM. Kirova in Kazakhstan, the Department of Biophysics was organized at the Faculty of Biology, in the same year Viktor Mikhailovich Inyushin was approved as the head of the department. Thus, he became the first head of the Department of Biophysics in the Republic of Kazakhstan and worked in this position until 1999. The creation of the Department of Biophysics allowed him to pay more attention to the development and coordination of research in biophysical science in Kazakhstan, as well as the training of personnel in biophysics. In 1975, Viktor Mikhailovich was approved in the academic rank of professor of biophysics. This period is marked by the growth of his bright scientific, pedagogical and organizational talent.


In subsequent years, Viktor Mikhailovich devoted himself entirely to research and pedagogical work, and continued to study the issues of photobiology and bioenergy. At the same time, his attention is focused on the problem of the reactivity of biosystems to laser radiation and the study of biophysical, physiological, biochemical and morphological mechanisms of the action of optical quantum generators on the human body and animals. From the same period, work began in the field of biophysical ecology — biophysical monitoring of the aquatic environment, electromagnetic fields and wildlife, biophysical aspects of acupuncture, biophysical research of anomalous zones, development of biophysical equipment for the rapid indication of anomalies in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


V.M. Inyushin is the founder of the scientific fields of applied biophysics and biophysical ecology in our republic. His scientific activity is devoted to the study of the physiological, morphological and biophysical functions of the human body and animals normally, under the influence of physical factors and in extreme environmental conditions.


Viktor Mikhailovich introduces the department’s staff and students to these areas of research and creates the problem laboratory “Bioenergy structure of biosystems” in 1974, and in 1977 organizes the Biophysics training and research and production association at the university, where the educational, scientific and manufacturing processes. From this period under the leadership of V.M. Inushina begins a comprehensive in-depth study of the characteristics of the human body, animals and plants under the influence of optical quantum generators in normal conditions, pathology, under stress and in extreme environmental conditions. With the active participation of employees of the UNO "Biophysics" (Chernov G.D., Kireeva L., Streltsova T.A., Berezina O.A., Urusbaev K.K., Shabaev V.P., Makhmudova G.Kh., Beklemishev I .B., Semykin V.A. et al.), Teachers of the department (Khristovich Kh., Fedorova N.N., Ilyasov G.U., Tuleukhanov S.T. et al.), Graduate students and students were organized by numerous scientific business trips and expeditions to the mountains of the Tien Shan and various regions of Kazakhstan and Russia.

During the years 1974-1999. employees of the department and laboratory under the guidance of V.M. Inyushin carried out joint research with the medical service of SAVO (Central Asian Military District) of the Ministry of Defense of the Union of Ukraine, the medical unit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Emergencies (EMERCOM) to develop methods of photoactivation, registration in a high-frequency discharge, electrical and photo puncture to assess and stimulate the functional state of the body in extreme habitat conditions to

maintaining health and ensuring the ability to work of a person. Some new mechanisms of increasing the stability of the physiological functions of military personnel under the action of physiologically unfavorable environmental and production factors have been studied. Fundamentally new data were obtained on photoactivation, electrical and photopuncture in terms of increasing the functional level of adaptive systems, which allowed us to consider them as an effective way to control the adaptive process. Also

The method of photoactivation of seeds and eggs of birds was developed, scientifically substantiated and introduced, which increased the economic effect by 20%. The resulting materials are implemented in the form of guidelines and regulatory documents.


The scientific directions created by Viktor Mikhailovich in biophysics, photobiology and applied biophysics are still being developed at the Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Biophysics by his students and followers. The scientific works of the department and laboratory are known far beyond the borders of our country. Such prominent scholars as Dombrovsky B.A., Sedlak S.G., Gamaleya N.F., Korytny D.L., Chekurov P.R., Devyatkov N.D., Grishchenko V., Dzhvebenava G. .G. and others, many of them

actively participated in the discussion and practical implementation of the obtained scientific materials.


Victor Mikhailovich has published more than 400 scientific papers, including monographs, study guides, and methodological recommendations. He received more than 150 copyright certificates for inventions and patents, of which 30 were patented abroad (USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, etc.), which indicates the value and novelty of the work carried out. His scientific developments have been repeatedly demonstrated at international scientific and industrial exhibitions, both in Kazakhstan and abroad - in India, China,

Algeria, Poland - and were awarded with diplomas and medals.


Viktor Mikhailovich pays great attention to the training of highly qualified scientific personnel. Under his leadership, 14 candidate and doctoral dissertations were defended. Among his students are Beklemishev I. B., Khristovich Kh.G., Makhmudova G.Kh., Dzevitskaya M.T., Tuleukhanov S.T., Shabaev V.P., Mamirova G. and others. If we take into account the number of students trained at the department, they will comprise hundreds and thousands of specialists who today work in the education, science and healthcare system not only

Republic of Kazakhstan, but also Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, USA, Israel, continue the work of the Teacher.


Viktor Mikhailovich took a fresh approach to the organization of educational, training, production and scientific work, primarily ensuring the closest relationship between science and practice in the teaching of biophysical disciplines. A complete relationship was achieved between the educational, scientific, industrial and organizational-practical work of students and employees of the department. He attached particular importance to the reading of new courses in separate sections of general and applied biophysics. He directed students to practical training in research centers and institutes, where they performed research for term papers and dissertations. Viktor Mikhailovich considered this way of teaching students to be more effective, because he developed curiosity and scientific interest, accustomed young people to independence and broadened their horizons.


Viktor Mikhailovich is also known as a public figure, being an active member of the Nevada-Semipalatinsk International Anti-Nuclear Movement. Since 1973, he was a member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Biology and the Scientific and Technical Research Institute of Biology and Biotechnology, where his erudition, experience and knowledge in the field of modern biology were especially valuable.


For merits in the field of scientific, pedagogical and social activities, Professor Viktor Mikhailovich Inyushin was awarded the Order "Urmet", a medal of the International A.L. Chizhevsky, awarded the title "Honored Inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and "Full Member (Academician) of the Laser Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation."


For his outstanding achievements, Viktor Mikhailovich was elected a member and honorary member of several international scientific organizations: the Kirlian International Association for the Study of the Effect (New York, USA), the Academic Council of the Zoroastrian College (Mumbai, India), and the A. Chizhevsky International Foundation (Moscow, Russia), Laser Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia), professor at the International University of Alternative Medicine (Mombay, Colombo). He is also a member of the Editorial Board of a number of foreign publications: "Psycho-energy systems" (USA), "Auriculotherapy" (Israel).


The scientific activity of Viktor Mikhailovich is multifaceted, his new searches are always based on the achievements of related, classical and applied sciences. The theoretical basis for the interaction of bioplasma-geoplasma is the basis for the creation and development of fundamentally new methods for monitoring the ecological environment and methods for registering earthquake precursors. Such developments have no analogues in the world, the main provisions of this development and concepts are protected by patents.

Victor Mikhailovich is inherent in high human dignity, integrity, outstanding ability to work, huge interest in science, great erudition, warmth and sincerity in relations with people.