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Feedback on the Inushin Hydroplasma concentrate. 

At the beginning of the year I had went to the sanatorium and there was a full examination. After the liver X-RAY doctor said to my surprise that I was fine, I was surprised, then I underwent to an X-RAY of the female organs and the doctor there said that everything was good with me. At that point I already doubted their qualification and asked: "Do you have any doctors who are competent at X-RAYS?!". Because few years ago, I suffered a severe exacerbation of chronic hepatitis and every six months I did an X-RAY of the liver and the results always were far from normal. However here for the first time they tell me that everything with the liver and everything with female organs all right, a lot of nodular fibroids disappeared !!!

Then I began to think what happened to me? And I remembered, I have been taking Hydroplasma of Inushin for a year now !!! I just made it normal of my life to use it daily, but I did not expect that I would get such an unexpectedly pleasant result!

Someone told me that once Tesla said - "When people learn how to get a plasma of water, they will stop suffering" - this is not verbatim, but the concept is the same. Still, the most important and obvious result of application - Hydroplasma is an improvement in the QUALITY of life, which is evident, it is expressed in the fact that it gives energy, and this energy is so natural, not some kind of "hectic excitement", but a feeling that your inner potential is increasing!


The way it manifests in me is that I manage my household with my house as I had never done it before, I cleaned it out, torn it all out, and I can’t stop in the morning, and I'm up till late at night😅 !!! Efficiency has increased significantly, and all this is accompanied by a good mood !!! Thank you dear Viktor Mikhailovich, you gave the humanity an invaluable product !!!

Thanks to the Source of Health Company you are doing a great job !!!

B.K. 55 y.o.


Hi everyone. I want to tell you about the Inushin hydroplasma, which I bought in the company, "Source of health". Hydroplasma was bought from a friend, who is a partner of the company. I diluted 1 drop of concentrate in 1 liter of bottled water and began to drink 2 cups during the day, then after a couple of days I started drinking three cups. In the first days, I paid attention to a surge of energy, I almost did not get tired, a good healthy sleep and vivid dreams appeared, the most important thing was to get enough sleep. Now I sleep six hours a day, and I am getting enough sleep, comparing to past times, when I did not have enough, and slept 8 hours a day. There is no sluggish sleep state that was before waking up, i feel like as soon as I wake up, a switch clicks in my brain, and I immediately begin to think, without sleepy inhibition. 

I lost weight so now i need belt when i'm wearing my old jeans. I eat less, not because hydroplasma suppresses appetite or something like that, there is no such effect. I think hydroplasma gives additional energy, that's why i started to eat less and loss weight.

Later, I had a headache for three days in a row in the evenings, although before that I was constantly tormented with headaches, because of osteochondrosis, after three days of torment I forgot about the problem with headaches for two months, the pains in the back of the collar area stopped. About a month later, I noticed that I could read the small texts in the evening by the light of lamps. Before that I could not even read text on a smartphone. 

There was a time when I exceeded the dosage. I thought that if the hydroplasma is so useful, it will not harm me. The experiment ended with a two-hour meeting on the pot, from that moment I ended up with experiments, and I do not exceed the dosages.


I want to share with you the results of using "Inushin Hydroplasma", or water for LIFE in other words.

For more than 1.5 months I have been treating a cough that wasn't going away. I took different cough tablets, anti-allergy tablets and antibiotics. It only got worse, because my stomach also started to hurt. The cough did not stop and was there during the day and night. I started looking all over the Internet for at least some information with different methods of treatment. And I found it!

Having ordered Hydroplasma from the Source of Health company, I waited for them every day and, having received, I immediately started taking 1 drop per liter of water. The first three days my illness began to let go. At first I was persuading myself that it couldn’t go away so quickly. I thought: "most likely, you will have to wait at least a month!" But I was surprised to find that on the fifth day the cough stopped being dry and I began to cough out mucus. On the sixth day, my workers began to ask me what treatment did I use, they noticed that the cough was almost gone. And this was my first night when I had a good night sleep (when I slept with cough, it was for 2-3 hours only). On the seventh day, body cleansing has begun. Nothing terrible happened, just instead of going to the restroom 1 time per day I went 5-6 times. This went on for 3 days. Unexpectedly for myself, I realized that I drink a lot of water. Those. 0.5 liters with hydroplasma and about 1 liter of ordinary water. This has always been a problem for me. Even in the heat, I did not drink more than 1 liter.

Sincerely, NS


Inyushin hydroplasma helps with allergies

I'm allergic with 18 years of experience and want to share my review. Manifested in every way: skin rash with an itch that is not conceivable, sneezing, tearing, itching in the eyes, itching in the nose, profuse salivation, in the whole body bruised as with a cold. And in the last 10 years, shortness of breath was added, as with an asthma attack, the throat was clogged, the air did not pass, the nose was also blocked, you sit at night, it is impossible to lie down. All this became especially acute in August-September, and this period I did not go out not only in people, but even on the street. Sea was my savior, but it is to expensive to visit it each year.

So, this summer, (I drink the hydroplasma of Inyushin from mid-April) everything went much easier. I would even say at times. Exacerbations were, but kept a maximum for one day. Everyone who knew about this problem of mine is surprised that I, as before, do not fall into the “seclusion”. I thank the creator Inyushin VM! 

Svetlana Sizova.


Feedback on the use of Hydroplasma

I probably have hydroplasma for about two months. Until reached 4 drops per liter. But all in order. The first month saw 1 drop per liter, and my husband and I drank it in half. In the first days of the reception I had a headache and I was strongly drawn to sleep.On the second day it became nauseated. as I am a person who does not like weakness and the state of “kvashni”, then I began to actively clean up,I sweated and after such activity  lightness came and strength appeared. After that I was full of strength and energy.

After a month, I began to add a drop of hydroplasma per liter every week. When it reached three, then on the first day it became “spasm stomach”. . Now everything is normal, a lot of strength and well-being is excellent. I do not feel much global change, but I am sure that there are some. What pleased me so much was my face. I have problem skin. And now everything is very clean and cheerful.

 But most of all I was convinced that hydroplasma is really incredible, this is when I started women's days. Since this process is always very painful (I drink 3 tablets of "Nurofen" and 3 "spasmagone", then the pain releases), although I am a very tolerant person to pain, but this is not the case. So, I decided that I would not shove any pharmacy crap in myself, I decided to do with our nutrient water. And true. After a drop of hydroplasma to the navel, relief came, but slight spasms remained. A little later, another drop fell and euphoria began. All pain syndromes are gone. And I jumped out of bed, full of strength and energy. But what surprised me the most was the fact that just a drop in the navel, and not even inside, performed a miracle, and then I wondered what processes started when we  drink it.

 P.S. I give it to my cats with their water. Flowers like Soldiers straight all up stretched. And from the cats all the animals came out. 

Also I have always had irritation on "base metal" and all sorts of metal things that are in clothes. After the water, everything went away and now I can wear jewelry and different things where there are all kinds of riveting and different pieces of iron, and I do not worry that allergy will rise again.


I live with a a lot of animals and they are my  friends. I have a dog, a cat and a raven. Everybody has their own issues.

 I'll start with the raven, he ,as we found out later, was disabled. I picked him up on the street, he could not fly. I was wondering what kind of injury he had and took him to the vet. We made an X-ray and find out that raven didn’t have fractures, dislocations or any physical injuries , except that the right wing was skewed and it was a little bit higher than the left. 

I began to give him water with diluted Inyushin Hydroplasma and as a result after a few days, the crow became more lively and nimble, the feathers began to shine very much.For several days his litter had all the colors of the rainbow, apparently the body was cleansed. The raven lived a month, but could not fly, despite the fact that I taught him.I realized that he had never flown, was in the ranks of the "infantry" and before I found him moving only on foot, I do not know how he survived on the street. I already thought he was disabled on his head, so he did not fly.

But one morning, when I woke up, I noticed that he tore a lot of feathers out of himself, later I noticed a bald spot on his chest, and when I looked closely, I noticed that in this place he had a large lump, and he tore these feathers from it. I continued to water my raven  with dilute hydroplasma, but additionally, once a day, I was dripping into its beak an undiluted hydroplasma concentrate. A few days later, when I cleaned him, I found this growth of a lump, it fell off from him, and looking at it, I realized that this lump was sticking to a bone. A few days later, the crow began to fly little by little around the apartment, and without any training on my part, he moved to the “aviation”. I think in the near future he will learn to fly, and I will release him. 

As for the cat and the dog, their health was all right, before I started to give them hydroplasma. But still, the inter-seasonal moult has become smaller, the wool from them does not climb as much as before. They both became more energetic and playful. The wool of both of them began to shine stronger, the cat fluffed out altogether, and the wool became very soft and pleasant to the touch. I think many people know that in many animals the state of wool speaks of their health.

I highly recommend Inyushin Hydroplasma product from the Source of Health company.

If the health and well-being of your loved ones, including pets, is expensive for you, this product will not be replaced in this case. Amen.

Vladimir K. 40 years.


I have a review about my pet. Cat, he is already 13 years old. Every three months, I bought American anti-parasitic Stronghole drops and dripped at his withers. 1.5 months ago, again bought and processed withers. I was calm for my animal, because those drops saved my cat from parasites, ticks and fleas, as they say, 3 in 1.

But .... This week I just bought Inushin's hydroplasma. I made solution for myself, went to flowers and sprayed them. My cat followed me. After spraying the flowers, droplets of hydroplasma remained in my hands. I gave him just to smell my palms. The cat began to lick drops. Then I poured him a little of Hydroplasma into his bowl (as for myself, 1 drop per 1 liter of water). He began to drink it with pleasure during the day. On the next day, when i cleared the toilet, i noticed white dead parasites, about 1 centimeter long.

I was shocked all day. I could not believe my eyes. It turns out that the drops did not destroy the parasites, but the hydroplasma was etched! My dears, give your pets hydroplasma, they will be healthy and give you their love and joy!


I wish to all of you good health and well-being. Drink Inushin Hydroplasma, It really works.