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Inushin Pyramid "VNAZ-8"

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The pyramid is a unique biophysical device for reducing the activity of turbulent geophysical processes in the space of anomalous zones.


Eliminates all the negative actions of geoplasmic streams that adversely affect health and violate the stability of the human psyche. It is both personal for a specific person for individual protection, and is used in business and everyday life: for placement in an office or in a room where important events take place, negotiations, meetings, signing contracts, coordinating transactions, presentations, speeches where valuables are stored etc.

It is housed in houses, apartments, cars, close to electronic equipment, computers and places for a long stay of a person. Vacuum neutralizer anomalous zones of natural and man-made origin is used everywhere to protect and create a clean space

The device has a pyramidal shape made of biological material saturated with high densities of bioplasma with a fine structure.

Observations and scientific studies of Kazakhstan's biophysicists, as well as researchers from Slovakia and the United States show that installing the Inyushin Pyramid in a car reduces the probability of car accidents by 30–40%. Such is the long-term statistics. In addition, the Inyushin Pyramid neutralizer, which is located near the computer screen, protects your eyesight, reduces the likelihood of headaches, 2 times reduces the likelihood of malignant tumors in the brain, especially if you work a lot with a computer and mobile phone.

How to deal with entropy, chaos of the psycho-energetic and bio-energetic structure of society?

It is clear that all these are global manifestations of entropy. Entropy can be suppressed only in one way - to oppose the anti-entropic process to it. For this purpose, anti-entropy generators are created that can suppress the entropy of the geophysical environment, especially when its “disturbances” are made. So, there is a real opportunity to reduce the level of aggressiveness in a person and groups of people. Nowadays convincingly proved a decrease in aggressiveness in animals and humans in the experiment.

The use of small-sized antientropic generators (pyramids) made it possible to reduce by almost 2 times the number of accidents at dangerous intersections in Almaty (Kazakhstan). Positive results were obtained with long-term use of anti-entropy generators in school classes, where geo-anomalous zones were found that adversely affected students' behavior (noise in the classroom, poor learning material, reduced academic performance, aggressiveness, increased fatigue, etc.). Inyushin's pyramid is a bioplasmic neutralizer of anomalous zones of natural and man-made origin.

The pyramid has an anti-entropic structural memory and its duration, without reducing the effect, reaches 15-20 years. The neutralizer operates within temperatures from -45 ° C to + 55 ° C. The radius of action reaches 2.5 meters (100% neutralization zone).